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    o2 R12 injectors

    Is there a simple procedure for removeing the #4 fuel injector? Had other projects so havent worked on the Honda lately. Drained all fuel out of it and added 5gal of new high test and some Seafoam cleaner (new plugs)and tried it at the lake the other day. only 30 ish. when i pulled it up on the trl, i unpluged the injectors one at a time and could hear a difference on all but #4. when i brought it home i pulled the #3&4 plugs and the #4 plug looked like it had not been getting fuel. i swaped coils with 3&4 but could hear fire down the tube. This makes me think #4 injector. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    You have to remove the throttle body in order to change the injectors.


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