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Thread: 1100 jetting

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    1100 jetting

    I am in the process of rebuilding my blown 1100 and my carbs as well. I have the Mikuni kits but not any jets. Should I change the mains to 110 and leave the pilots alone (75 I think)? Why does the middle carb have a smaller jet than the others stock? Also what is my stock NS (1.2?). Should I change to a 1.5 NS? Is it generally accepted that you use the smallest NS that you can get away with?

    BTW the rebuild will be stock except for FA's and a shaved head.

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    the shaved head is a big variable but with that and F/A's I'd be bumping all the jets and if ur doing the N&S 1.5 is a good choice

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    Milled head doesn't cause any issues as long as the cranking pressure is around 150 and the squish is correct.

    110 mains on all three carbs is good if you are at or near sea level. Pilot jets are fine.

    I ran 1.5 n/s with black springs.

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