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    Ultra 150 starter/clicking sound and need a manual

    Hello all. I am new to this and "limited" knowledge on the mechanical side - so, am relying on friends to help me figure this out.

    I have read several posts on is what is going on and what I have tried.

    Have a 2000 Ultra 150. Ran great the first few times out (this ski is new to me this year). Then just died while riding, tried to start and it just "clicks". The clicking is coming from the gray box behind the battery, which I am guessing is a relay switch.

    I put in a new Odyssey battery, completely charged, checked all positive and ground connections to be sure they were tight and clean. Also checked the ground from battery to the motor mount. Everything is tight and no corrosion.

    I have also tried another Interstate battery...just to be sure.

    Please provide some input on what I might be missing to diagnose this issue.

    Also, I was told the engine has to come out to replace the starter. Can someone please give me the "shortcut" way to change out the starter if it is bad...and does anyone have a manual for this jetski.

    Thanks in advance for all of the help. Mason

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    1. check to make sure you can turn the coupler on the back side of the engine under the plastic cover. you might have just sucked something up and locked the pump so everything is locked.

    2. to change the starter on that ski, blows, you can disconnect everything and just flip the motor up on its side and do it in the hull, but will need to disconnect a few things

    same thing happened on a buddies ski, sucked something up thought that was it but it was the starter too. check to make sure you can spin it first, remove sparkplugs and it will make it easier to spin.

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    thanks for the idea. Have not had that suggested before. I will give that a try tonight. Someone else suggested a bad if anyone has some tips on testing that I would appreciate it.

    Also, just FYI...not that new starters cant go bad, but the dealer put a new OEM starter in end of last year, has about 20 hours on it.

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    Just an update. Does not appear that it is sucked up anything or locked up the pump. I am going to order a new starter relay and see if that gets me any further.

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    You can check it first by checking for voltage at the 2 large lugs on the front of the box. 1 should be going to the battery and should have 12 volts all the time. The other leads to the starter and should have 12 volts when the start button is pressed. You can also open the box up and find the yellow wire with a red stripe going to the relay it should show 12 volts when the start button is pressed. That should help narrow it down and confirm it is the relay.

  6. #6 all wiring connections are good, the relay is good (and put a new one in just because), the battery is good and brand new, voltages are all correct and relay working properly. So, now I am ordering a starter and will replace that. Does anyone know an easier way than pulling the engine to replace the starter....anyone have a service manual ......thanks. Mason

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    There is an electronic copy out there, just search the forums for Ultra 150 manual. It really is not that hard to change out the starter, helps having an engine hoist set up in the garage!

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    You can remove the starter without pulling the motor if you pull the plugs and reach around the motor. Only 2 bolts hold it in. Take the starter wire off at the box instead of the starter. Stick a rag under the motor to catch the oil, only alittle will come out.

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    Here is the manual. Ultra 150 Manual

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    Hey all. Thanks for the help and advice on this problem. I got the new starter put in, without removing the engine - thankfully. Took it to the lake over the weekend, it is running great.

    Thanks again - was a great first experience here on the site. mason

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