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    HELP here are the piston pictures xlt 1200

    so here is the story, bought this ski told it had problems, ran it engine would seize, went to a premix but it was to late killed the #2 cylinder, so i did a rebuild 3 new pistons and a new cylinder for #2 took it out for a run and within 30 minutes had seizing took it home head off second cylinder was sored and piston done, pulled cylinder and honed and double checked crankcase for pieces and pulled carbs and went though them all checks out, so i put it back together with a old stock piston. ran great WOT everything for about 40 minutes till i beached it for a minute, next time out i had same problem seizing and poor performance. got it home and pulle the head off and the pictures attached is what i have.
    heres my questions,
    could my old piston and honed cylinder just not been good enough?
    does piston wash look lean?
    i did a quick spark plug pull after the 40 minute run plug looked good but was right after that the seizing started again.
    i am running premix 32:1, bottom line i dont want to spend the money on another cylinder just to have the same outcome im sure you all understand that.
    thanks for all you help in advance.
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    Lightbulb ?????????????

    Hey there Riverine,

    First up welcome to the forum...

    Now then:.

    You've a bit of a mess on your hands here..!!

    Thats THREE times the same problem has occurred..!!

    So that immediatley tells me the initial issue hasn't been resolved..?

    My first guess is. a fault in the carbs..

    Second guess, is an air leak..

    That #2 cylinder/piston got HOT..!!

    The wash in #1 & #3 doesn't look too bad. but then there's only 40 minute's or so running time on them..?

    Did you use a new or second hand head after the first and second rebuild's..??

    If the old/original head was used with all the previous detonation, piston carnage marks in it..

    Then that will for sure cause yet more detonation problems..

    The thing with doing rebuilds is:.. Do It Right OR Do It Again..!!

    After you rebuild the motor next time, DO the carbs and Pressure test the motor..

    Don't want to sound like i'm giving you a lecture... But i've been there myself Bud...


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    found the problem

    so i found why you need to check the bottom end before rebuilding a top. had a main bearing go out and i am sure thats what has been feeding though my #2 cylinder taking them out. well Now i know.
    thanks for the help.

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    Lightbulb Ah..??

    Hey River...

    Well that's quite what you where expecting to find..

    Not so good news...

    But also not the end of the world..

    Yours options now seem like:..

    1/. New crank, gasket set, new jug/piston set..
    2/. Used crank, New gasket set, used jug/piston set..
    3/. Rebuild you existing crank, Gasket set, new or used Jug/piston set

    Also i'd imagine that you'll need to add a head to the shopping list..?

    Some good news is that every part you need will be available on the forum..

    Plus all the help knowledge you could ever need..

    Start by downloading the workshop manual if you haven't already..

    Get it here:.

    Good luck with the rebuild...


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