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    Rpms peak and then come down...

    Just tore some carbs down and cleaned them out, everything was taken out that I could get out and cleaned with thinner then put back together, ski wouldnt run but now starts first try no choke, It runs throw the power band pretty good but goes to 7k then drops back down to 5500 or so until you let off the gas and slow down and hit it again, seems like its lean to me but when I went either direction on the high side it seemed to get worse... all reeds looked good

    Same ski I was talking about the other day, waveraider with 62t dual carbs.

    Other then the carb issue ski felt like it was running good, I just figured it was too much ski for a 700 motor..

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    my 2 carb 700 is a great runner! pushes a big xl with a 260 lb rider and 40 lbs of gear to 40 wot no surges what so ever . it does sound like a fuel issue and when I first got mine it did the same even after carbs so I opened both the lows and highs to eliminate the issue

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