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    what are the differences between blocking off the opas and just removing it?? the removal kit is $90 and the block offs are $300..i figure there's got to be something important that i'm missing.

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    They are both removal block offs. I had the riva standard (plates), and switched to the full length Race engineering ones, that basically extend the hull by filling in the voids where the opas used to be. The difference in handling is night and day! The RE ones have faster planing time, they help cut thru chop way better,you can carve turns with out worrying about sliding out,and eliminate all porpoising!! I've tried both, and I would suggest to anyone to buy 1 set, and never need to upgrade in the future. It's just a waste of money to buy them twice. When u go faster it will porpoise more.

    P. s. My standard riva b.o.'s are for sale with bolts and o-rings...$50 shipped. Pm if interested.

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    I agree with Psycho, I waiting for Jerry to do the RE`s for the GTX`s...PR...

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