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    Performance Improvements speedster 200 (310 HP)

    Hey everyone. I've been looking and looking and cant find anywhere that tells me what I need to do in order to increase the speed of my boat.

    If anyone can kindly let me know that would be greatly appreciated thx.

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    I have a Utopia that has twin 155 hp.'s in it and there isn't much you can do. Knowing what I know now I would have saved my money from trying to do performance mods. and used it somewhere else on the boat. There's only really two things you can do on these, which are custom air intakes (I gained 50 rpms...woohoo) and different impellers. Other than the impellers which I noticed an increase in hole shot, it's really not worth it.......Now if it were SC'd that would be a different story......Good luck.

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    Which impellar is good and where can you order it>

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    I went with a Solas Concord SR-CD-11/19 from Your engines probably don't run the same RPMs right now. What you should do is install the new impellers, document the RPMs at WOT. Take the impellers out and send them to Tell them the RPMs that were running and that you want both to be at 7500 RPMs (just before the rev. limiter kicks in.) They will re-pitch them so both of your engines will be running at peak horsepower. I have to send mine in to be re-pitched, I've just been to lazy to do it and have been robbed of HP because of it.
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