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    End cap for 1999 XP

    Just upgraded to a finger thottle and wanted to know if there is anyone that sells a cap or cover to fill the end of the stock handlebar cover where the thumb thottle used to be. Atlantic Jetsport has one but it says it's for a 4-tec.

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    hot products sells one.. i have one on my xp

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    The one I see there is for newer skiis

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    i have one on my 96 xp.. clear finish and has hot products logo on it. 1 set screw holds it on. no part number on it unfortunately. fits perfect over stock pad. i saw one listed in purple awhile back but cant remember where. good luck, but they do definately make them.

    is the purple one, looks like they dont have it in the 08 book
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    I just bought one from PPG, the parts guy said he found a bunch of purple ones and had them powder coated black. It looks pretty good and matches the UMI throttle pretty good. I was looking for a coastal products finger throttle, that is an all in one deal with the shroud built in. Good luck. It took me awhile to find it.

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