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    2 beeps, then 4 beeps/high temp warning

    I have posted this on a few other boards and havn't been able to figure it out.

    Recantly when I go to start up my 96GSX it would beep twice when lanyard was attached, then give me 4 beeps while saying high temp on the display and will not engage the started. This is with a cold ski. Usually after waiting 5-10 min and trying it a bunch it would stop doing it. Now it does it all the time and I don't know what to do. I have checked every connector on the ski including the ones going to the DESS and none are correded. I have changed out the temp sensor. I know the wire going to the temp sensor works cause you can ground it out and get the constant beep. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss here.

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    I just checked into the service manual for your machine and it has the 787 engine in it. Also it uses the same DC-CDI system the XP 800 does. Here's what the manual had to say about your beep codes.

    2 short beeps
    (while installing
    safety lanyard on
    watercraft switch)

    4 long beeps
    (while installing
    safety lanyard on
    watercraft switch) continued below for this code...

    Watercraft MPEM can
    not communicate with
    the DC-CDI module

    •Check fuse on relay located in the
    conventional electrical box.
    • Check connector between MPEM and
    DC-CDI modules

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