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    Seadoo HX cavitation?


    I have been posting to different forums for a while now and I never seem to get a responsem, but thats ok maybe this one is different.

    I have a 95 HX with factory pipes and today I noticed from the jump if I gunned it it would cavitate I guess. Lots of water moving but no pick up. With just a little speed theres no problem, but from a stop it would cavitate. Is this normal. The engine is running fine, I dont know what it could be. A guy at the lake told me it might be the bearing on the shaft that needs to be greased. I left and went to autozone, got the grease gun and loaded it up.

    He also said there was pump oil that may need to be changed. IF anyone knows of a good post on how to do this that would be awesome. Thanks for looking.

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    HX video

    This is my ski running in the driveway.

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    Whats the clearance like between the impeller and the wear ring? Is the impeller damaged or badly marked? Most likely you just need to change your wear ring.

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    Wear Ring/ Impeller Blade clearence is <1.0mm

    Cavitation or "Aeration" (sp) ??? there is a difference......

    If your Wear Ring is OK and the Impeller is in good shape then Aeration can come from the Carbon Seal Floating Stainless Steel Ring which is spring loaded up against the Carbon Seal (Rear Drive Shaft Seal).

    With a Hyper engine and certain Impeller pitches, the Spring Load against this Stainless Steel Floating Ring may not provide enough Pre-Load and a good enough seal against Jet Pump inlet pressure and back off allowing water in the hull and air to enter the water inlet // backside of the Jet Pump, aeration.........

    Replace the "Floating Ring // Carbon Shaft Seal" with the older type Hose/Seal/Bearing set up.

    http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....e=13&A=19&B=18 Part#'s 7 through 20

    There is also a fully assembled aftermarket version of this which cost much less than the OE piece parts but I forget the manufacturer.
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    There are a lot of things that can cause cavitation, I hope you've checked some of the basic stuff first. I once had a serious cavitation problem when a small length of fishing line wound itself up on the nose boot of the impeller. Basically any small object or protrusion (even from a bead of silicone) could cause the type of cavitation you're having. Check for the simple things first then move to the entire jet pump seal which as already stated could be related to your wear ring, etc.

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