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    Question Top Speed 40mph...? Please Help

    I have a 2006 GTX(155 h.p.) (stock)that is maintained very well. Last season the speedometer read in the mid 50's, however, this past weekend I got a top speed of 40 mph. I didnt change thesprk plugs or oil yet, but is there any other things that need to be replaced or maintained. Also, btw I was considering the r&d kit made for the 155's.
    Does anyone use that or have any advice to make the ski perform better? Also I figured out that it cant be that the speedometer was malfunctioning bc I had another ski go side by side with mine.
    Anything info would help a lot...Thanks for reading

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    i would go ahead and just change the plugs. does the ski run fine or does it feel like its running rough? also you should change the oil once a year

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    I thought they didn't make the 155 in '06......

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