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    Need some RXP advice

    Love this sight!!!

    I was riding my 2004 RXP today in a lake with a lot of logs, chips of wood and branchs. I manage to hit a wood chip and it lodged in my impeller. I was only able to get the RXP up to about 5 MPH before it would shake like it was falling apart. I managed to ride the final couple of miles back to the dock at about 5 mph and got her on the trailer.

    When I got home I found a vers small piece of wood lodged in the impeller against the tube. I broke it free. I noticed a couple of those fin looking things in front of the impeller had broke no otehr damage.

    I took the RXP out to the lake tonight and it ran like a champ. My question is what imapct will those broken fin things have on my performance. Should I be looking out for some other symptom from the broken fin.

    It ran great tonight, I just hope the broken fins dont lead to something else down the road.

    Your advice?

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    very common that those shark fins in the pump shoe get mangled. and that's a part that u do not want to look forward to ever replacing.

    if they're chewed up, then remove them all and smooth it out nice... several people have ahd the same thing and grinded them away and saw no negative impact on performance. believe it or not, only the RXP has those, the RXT does not.

    so to answer ur question, no it will not lead to further failure or damage down the road..

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    I had the same problem with the shark fins,Busted a couple off.
    Do like Shibby said take off the pump and grind them down smooth.
    Make sure you do all the teeth though ,if you dont you will experiance
    some cavitation on exceleration.I used a dremal tool to grind them down works great. And as far as performance loss,,,,None cant tell any differance with or without the teeth..Good luck


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