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    99 gp1200 engine blown-what mods?

    My ski clogged an oil line for the second piston, (bought from a dealer claiming engine was just rebuilt), basically engine ruined (after I put about 20 hrs on it). Curious, I am considering buying a rebuilt engine, mods, etc. Thoughts?

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    will have a 65u 1200 motor for sale in about a week-it has been ported by tim judge and has a cool design head-it is currently in one of my raiders and runs great just need to pull it and ship-let me know- mark

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    if it will work in my stock 99 gp1200, please let me know what you want for it. thx


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    Hello! i took a number

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    how much? could PM me or sumtin

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    Yeah how much do you want for it????

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