While ride today with my wife, her 04 Yamaha XLT1200 with 100.5 hours started to run VERY rough. SO I got on it and the exhaust sound was very muffled the ski itself was very sluggish and the RPMs would not go over 5000. It would not idle at all. It cranks fine with no problem, but you have to keep giving it gas to stay running. SO I thought it may be fuel related. Well when I got it home it started right up, but the sound was still muffled. So I thought I would do a compression check on it anyways. Well the rear 2 cylinders have 100 psi and the front one has 0(ZERO). I tried it several times and still nothing. So now what do I need to do? I told my wife I think her engine is done for. I can see the piston moving up and down through the spark plug hole. There have been no mods to this ski at all. I had the cat. con. Replaced at the dealership since it was still under warranty last year. The warranty expired in March this year. Should I get a rebuilt motor or rebuild this one. Where should I get a motor if needed? What is the price range for a replacement motor? I am looking for advice and any help.
Thanks Troy