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    Question 94 Polaris SL750 Leak

    I have a leak that looks like it's coming from a plug underneath the driveshaft. Does this plug pull out or is it threaded? It had water in the hull when I pulled it out of the water, but the water didn't leak back out. The water leaks in whether it's running or not.

    Another question: The display is always on after I replaced the battery. How can I get it to turn off so the battery doesn't drain?

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    Are you talking number 11, the thru-hull fitting?

    Try adding water to the hull and verify where the leak is coming from at the bottom of the hull.
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    I bet he's talking about the speedo pitot. I has a rubber gasket that prob failed. It is attached with a nylon nut.

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    Thanks guys it ended up being the # 10 bearing assy, but after raplacing that and the drive shaft, now it won't start, getting spark but no fuel. Any Ideas? Never owned a pwc before so I am at a loss.

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    Did the water level get up to the electrical box?
    If it did you may have water and/or condensation in the box. I'd split the box and check for traces of water. Maybe a good cleaning or a component is bad, post up a photo or report back.

    The lanyard is installed correct??

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    The water didn't quite make it to the electrical box, but we cracked and it anyways just to double check, it was dry, so we sealed it up good and put it back together, pulled the spark plugs and found we had water in the cylinders though, thought we had it all out last night, but this morning there was more water in the cylinders, it's been sitting on the trailer for a few days now. No idea how water keeps getting in there.

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    and yes the lanyard is installed

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    check fuel filter and water seperator make sure no line are plugged

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