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    Suggestions for prop on 04 GTX SC

    I have a stock 04 GTX SC that i need to replace the prop on. OEM is the same price as the Solas. So i was just looking for a few suggestions on what prop anyone has had some good experiances with. Thanks in advance.

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    The solas 12 - 20 is a "stock" replacement, but you will lose RPM's
    with this on a stock ski.. It works great, just have to pitch it down
    a little... You really want to be between 7500 -- 7600 rpm's.
    An out of the box 12/20 will drop you down to 7200 or so..
    Just have Impros, PPG, or 4 tec performance take a little
    pitch out of it before they ship it out to you. Good luck

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    The Riva Stage I for the GTXSC comes with a Riva/Solas 13/20r. I have the stage I, but upgrading to the RXT driveshaft, 14/19r impeller and ss wear ring. I will have a 13/20r impeller available in a few days if you are interested. PM me if you are interested. We can work something out. --Jeremy

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