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    Help with gtx 800cc!!!!!

    ok here it goes. A friend of mine bought a 1996 gtx with the 800cc. we got it home and it seemed to run fine. started right up with no choke. ran great in the driveway. well the guy we bought it from deleted the oil injection. so obviously we need to mix our own. well we go to the gas station and put the amount we needed for 14 gallons of gas on a 50/1 ratio. we start pumping and thats when we find out the guy actually filled it up for us. also the guage must be broken because the gas light stays on. well with that said we only got 3.7 gallons of gas in. I figured hell wont run great but couldn't hurt anything but plugs lets run it anyway.

    we are out on the water(idling out) go to give it gas and everything is great. idled perfect, got right up and went. no problem. well about two min after the revs drop down to like 5000. and it doesnt want to go. slowly starts to die. doesnt hold idle, and not easy to start.

    we get the thing home and find out that the water box came loose. so put that back on. also there is a small hose from the front where the exhaust first comes out leading to the rear towards the water box it looks like and we have no idea where it goes. thats question #1. number 2 what is the red and black thing that i believe used to be on top of the water box? also is it needed?

    Now the major thing is why it ran like crap. so we drained all the gas out and started over from new again. with the same 50/1 ration. pulled the plugs and they were a little fouled/wet. so cleaned those and put back in. after that started up fine in the driveway. smoked for a little then pretty much stopped. took it back out this morning and basically same thing. ran great then started to slow down and loose power. wasnt as bad as last time. we can atleast keep it started now. idles low at like 1000 in water and doesnt see past 6000 wot with a 150lbs rider on glass water.

    anyone have any ideas? anything would be of BIG help and much appreciated.

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    First up, the water line you speak of that runs from the starting of the exhuast pipe (expansion chamber) is a water bypass line and runs to the back of the boat into that red and black cap. Second, the red and black cap is the water regulator and it is a must to have. It injects water into the tuned pipe and is a serious part of the performance of your exhaust. If you still have it I strongly reccomend re-installing it. Before you do though, pop the spring retainer off the top and check the rubber bellow, make sure it's not rotten or you will still be at square one.

    That is all tied in together with your exhaust performance and life span. As for it running poorly, without that water regulator on there, you're pumping that engine compartment full of exhaust choking out the fresh air it needs. It can't rid it's self of the exhaust so it eventually it builds up forcing the engine to breath it in and in turn snuffs the engine. It probably runs great with the seat off and sitting on the trailer though doesn't it?

    If that water regulator is in good shape, pop that puppy back on and let us know how that goes.

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    well i reinstalled the red and black pressure assembly with all the lines ran how they should(looked up the diagram) .

    also on that note i had to run new wires for part of the harness seeing that they melted together. also inside the box next to the battery the cable coming from the battery to the starter solenoid had corroded off. so the electrical system is square now.

    although we have a new problem. the friend that owns it forgot to put the plugs back in when we went out. oh yes. she took on water alright. so we drained it out and thats when i fixed everything. well i think it might have sucked up water. because it wouldn't start. i pulled the plugs and they had a grey kinda thick milky colored fluid on them. so i turned the motor over with the plugs out and it shot out a lot of that type of fluid. i turned it over a bunch of times, cleaned the plugs and then reinstalled. although it wont start still and when i pull the plugs they are just covered in that fluid. but no more will come out when i turn it over with the plugs out.

    what's the plan if you do suck up water? if thats the problem? any clues on what and how to fix?

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    Spray lube into the cylinders, and get the engine started immediately! Keep changing spark plugs(dry out one set, install, clean the other) until it starts.

    That is water in there, and when running, the engine heat will boil it away. Run engine on trailer until the sides of the cylinders get too hot to touch. Shut off, snatch spark plugs out, allow to cool and steam to escape for about 30 minutes. Repeat 4-5 times. Then thoroughly fog the engine with fogging oil.

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