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    Amazing River Rescue on a PWC in Australia

    River rescue praise
    Updated: 19:40, Sunday June 15, 2008
    A cattle farmer is being praised for his actions after performing a dangerous rescue in Western Australia's Pilbara region.
    Geoff Mills saved two truck drivers trapped in rising flood waters, using his jet ski.
    The drivers had tried to cross a swollen river at night near Marble Bar, when they hit the wall of water.
    The 45 and 48 year old drivers were stranded for seven hours in the torrent.
    'The flood waters were swirling around the trailer and there were whirl pools,' said rescuer Geoff Mills.
    The rescue effort was hampered by the increasingly dangerous waters, with the first truck driver falling off the jet ski.
    'The jet ski rolled on its side and disappeared, the water pushed it up (against the side of the truck),' said Geoff Mills of the attempt to rescue the second driver.
    The two men were airlifted to hospital suffering mild hypothermia.

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    Trapped WA truckies rescued by jet ski

    • June 14, 2008 - 6:54PM
    Two truck drivers have been rescued by a jet skiing hero after their rigs were trapped in rising waters in the Western Australian Pilbara.
    Three trucks were carrying manganese from a mine east of Marble Bar when their drivers tried to cross the rain-swollen Nullagine River about 4am on Saturday.
    A police spokesman said one of the drivers managed to swim to the river bank, but the other two were stranded in their trucks, with one truck at risk of being washed away.
    Police, rescuers, and the owners of nearby Warrauagine Station were called out to help.
    Station owner Robin Mills owns a small helicopter but his pilot had to wait until it was light before he could fly the 60km to where the trucks were trapped in rising water.
    They arrived at the site about 7am and grabbed first aid kits containing thermal blankets and jerseys, water and a two-way radio from an emergency response team from a nearby mine.
    The kits were then passed down to the drivers on a rope.
    But his helicopter wasn't big enough to winch the men to safety.
    "We were just not able to get helicopters big enough to help the guys, just not available. It's crazy you have something like this happen and police just aren't given the equipment and resources to fill the void. The poor blokes. It's a disgrace," Mr Mills said.
    Mr Mill's son Geoff, 46, arrived and headed out on the water on a jet ski, carrying a spare lifejacket.
    One by one, he brought the men to shore where they were given hot drinks and blankets.
    Mr Mills said it was the "third or fourth" rescue he had been involved in the 15 years he had owned his 400,000ha station.
    "I accept that when you live out here that that's what you do, and it does give you pride to know you've been able to help people. It's pretty heart warming, the guys were just so relieved to see us."
    He wasn't concerned for his own or his son's safety during the rescue.
    "Not at the time anyway. I was pretty adamant to my son, 'Do not put your life at risk', and he was wearing a lifejacket."
    The three truck drivers were taken to Port Hedland Hospital suffering from mild hypothermia.
    Police have praised Geoff Mills, saying he took his own life in his hands to rescue the two men.
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