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    250 Needs Your Opinions Help!

    I'll try to make the story short...I have a 07 with 58hrs, last yr just before winterizing it ran AWESOME, 67.4gps riva plate, i weight 354! First time in the water this year it rn for about 2 miles then all of a sudden I get the (OIL-H) and the buzzer sounding off!! That signal is Engin HOT, I let of the gas and it went into "Limp Mode" 2100rpms at 2mph as im heading back it must of cooled off because the buzzer went off, so did the "Oil-H", I took off again, went about 100yrds and it did it again, 3 times in all, And finally, I too it back to the dealership they ran the flush kit on it, they said they never found nothing conclusive, So here i go, back on the lake for a 8 min journey before barley getting out of the marina, The bout ran at top speed of 32mph!!! It did do the OIL-H and buzzer 1 time, I really don't want to say this, But it ran like the engin was blowen! The dealer ship say they "THINK" it could be a Sensor! What do you guy think, Oh!!!Get this, My Warrenty runs out TODAY!!! lol but it already documented a few days ago, so it will be coverd Thanks allot, John PS...They called Kawi and they haven't herd of that kind of problem? Theres a shocker!!

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    Compression test should tell you the status of the engine.

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    Yeah, I'm going to make sure they test that

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    it's stories like that make me glad i spent the extra money on the warranty.

    but yeah it sounds like your oil temp sensor or pressure sensor may be toast.

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    Thumbs up Sick 250!

    here's what I got from the dealership, who talked to kawi, he feels for sure part of the issue is the Oil Temp Sensor, Also he said they had SOME issue's with the stock plugs, (Not Fouling Out) But the ceramic was either cracking or cracked, so there changing those, I think last year I priced those things and they were like $20 something each??! lol They said that would definetly explain the boat only doing 32mph, Weird thing is it wasen't missing at all? Just smooth and slow! And finally My mechanic showed me 1 of the 3 recalls, the one where the 1/16th inch sheet metal was bolted over the 2 air intake hole under the hood!!1 I almost threw up when I saw that, I plan to take it off concidering that sheet metal is there to keep water out! Well I don't run in the ocean or 5ft waves!! So I'll take my chance's with the air! Concideringthe 2years ive been on here, Ive seen some really cool cheap "Ram Air"designs, It should be done no later the thursday i'll keep you guys filled in when i get it back. John

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