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    RXP ENGINE PULL~~A couple questions

    Well, I have the Driveshaft Pulled, Intake and Exhaust System plumbing removed and most electrical wiring dis-connected.......

    1) Is it necessary to remove the Intake Manifold Module before removing the Engine from the Hull ?

    It looks like it would allow allot more clearence, but those (2) Lower Mounting Bracket Bolts looks close to impossible to get to, unless the Intake Manifold lower mounting "fingers" just set into the rubber Grommets and the Bolts which hold the Grommets don't need to be loostened. (???)

    2) Is there any way to keep the Anti-Freeze from the Internal Cooling System Water Pump from dumping into the Hull (short of draining it all through the ride Plate) when removing the Supply and Return Hoses from the Water Pump ?

    Any other "tricks" for a damage-free engine pull ?


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    You'll want to pull the intake manifold. You're right in that it just sits on the rubber grommet slots. You don't have to remove them or touch the bolts that hold them in.

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    It is going to make a mess so have some Kitty Liter ready.
    Also lift the engine some and then undo the front ground wires and the hot to the starter.

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    ............ good info.


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    yea, the 3 grounds are in a stupid place...

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    Got the Intake Module off, not too bad at all 'cept I had to get up close and personal with every dern sensor connection on the thing.
    Hope I get all these back in the right sockets....

    Cooling system plumbing wasn't too messy to remove, just have (2) 7/8" and (2) 1" diam. rubber plugs handy after tilting the ski up and back on the trailer then drain first from the Ride Plate. By the way, anyone have the part number for that Copper Crush Washer on the Ride Plate Drain Plug ,, cant seem to find it in the Microfische.... It isn't in the "Cooling" section,, and neither is the Ride Plate, strange. (????)

    All (3) Small Front Grounds and the Starter Red Cable are removed.
    Anything else ?

    Getting ready to do the "Pull" tomorrow when I get an engine hoist.

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    i cant ever get that washer either. ive done dozens of 4 tec rebuilds and have never had an issue reusing that washer. you should be fine.

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    Engine and associated wiring // plumbing and Fuel Tank are out, Hull taken to the Fiberglass Master.

    No damage to the inner Hull under the Fuel Tank, which was my primary concern since water definately came into the Hull after the impact, probably through the (6) plastic fasteners which hold down the rubber Fuel Tank Pads.

    I took a die grinder and cut a couple slots on the underside of the Hull in the middlle of the damaged area (Keel under Fuel Tank).
    As soon as the grinder wheel cut through the FGlass, water came dribbling out from the styrofoam coring.

    This is going to take awhile to dry.... Any suggestions on how to dry it out faster ? (will cut out the bad section to open it up more)

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