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    Trailer Ramp- Plug in or plug out

    I'm getting conflicting stories on the proper positioning of your trailer light plug in when backing your trailer into the water.

    Some will say keep it plugged in while backing into the water, it will form a bad seal but it will prevent some water from getting into your electrical system.

    Others say unplug it before backing.

    Whats the consensus??

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    I never unplugged the trailer lights when loading and unloading. Once the skis are hooked up to the truck at home, nothing is diconnected, other than the skis of course, till returning home to park the trailer till the next time. Been doing it for years and never had a problem.

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    If you are backing down a LONG ramp with your foot on the brake,those bulbs get AWFULLY hot,and when you hit the cold water,they can and do blow out. I use di-electric grease on my connector and I unplug the lights every time BEFORE I back into the water. Saves from having to carry spare 1157 bulbs in the glovebox

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    I unplug. Less trailer light problems when I do.

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    When in doubt pull out!

    .... the plug wire that is

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    in salt water, always unplug. in fresh water, aside popping hot bulbs, it's not a big deal. My trailer lights sit in sealed bubbles behind the lenses, so I don't worry abou them too much. And of course, if you have led bulbs, then it's not a problem either.

    Technically speaking, contrary to popular opinion, water does NOT conduct electricity. It is the impurities in the water that conduct electricity. Fresh water isn't a problem for 12v systems generally speaking, but salt water, because of all it's mineral content can short a 12 volt system very easily.

    Basicly, since I almost never ride in salt water, I never unplug. But I know that my bulbs will be fine because of the design.

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    I awalys un plug mine never had to replace a bulb but water shouldnt get in the lens if it does take it apart and silcone it back together.

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    The bulbs on my trailer are sealed into the lenses.I had one blow out and had to pay the dealership$20 to get a whole new lense.Needless to say,they get unplugged at the ramp now!!

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    I agree with Thomas.
    It really depends on the light design, sealed or not. If not sealed, I say always unplug.

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    Re: Trailer Ramp- Plug in or plug out

    Quote Originally Posted by seadawg
    I'm getting conflicting stories

    Whats the consensus??
    I think the consensus is still conflicting. LOL.

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