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    Arrow '95 raider bogging OR what does a waterbox do?

    Hello and thanks for looking.

    I have a '95 1100 Raider.
    It seems to be bogged down when I first start it and get it going...Then it seems to "clear" and hauls butt. I wonder what is causing this?
    What is a waterbox? Is it the muffler? How does it work?
    Should it fill with water?Does this have to clear of water before the motor will become responsive?

    The reason I ask is the bogging Raider. Could the carbs be improperly adjusted on the low speed side and not clearing the waterbox effectively?

    Sorry for all the Q's and thanks in advance for the A's

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    raider bogging

    I've got the same problem. First I thought it was the fuel vent check valve which was missing. Installed and it helped a bit, but it still bogs unless I keep it at mid rpm. From idle, it has a bogging delay when I hit the throttle , then almost throws me off when it hits and takes off. When it's cold I have to pump the throttle or ease the rpms up gently to get it going. Sometimes even hit the primer a few times while running.
    I also wonder if it has something to do with the popoff pressure since mine had a few mods when I got it - less restrictive air filter (screen), primer vs. choke, and who knows what else.
    Interested if anyone else has any idea what causes this.

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    Im having the same problem 700 raider

    I have a 95 rave raider 700 and having some problems out of it. its having a problem getting it to run wide open. the bike takes of fine and runs up to about 4500 rpms then wont go no faster. Its like its about 1/4 throttle and if you hold it wide open its just boggs a little.its at a good cruising speed but when you open it up it dont do nothing until you hop it out the water of hit a small wave and I guess cavatate the pump. then will jump wide open until you let out the throttle again. then you have to cavatate it again to make it go. do you have any idea what the hell is going on? the carb jets are 67.5 smalls and 120and130 mains (twin carbs) new rubber diaphragms on jet side, 1.5 needle seats 35 psi pop off. Ive adjusted the adjusters every which way no help with problem was make run worse. the compression is 125 on each cylinders. any advice would be vary appreciated


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