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    Seeing more and more 3Ds

    Don't know if its because of the price drops or what but I am seeing more and more 3Ds out on the water. I usually see them with the kart seat but today saw one standing up. They were riding out in the ocean, jumping and what not. Looked pretty cool. It was kinda choppy well too choppy for a superjet but this thing went through it pretty good. Might have to get one for those really choppy days.

    Anyone ride a 3D DI yet? Those who have experience with the 951 engines is this a good idea or no.

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    I've ridden one in the cart configuration before they gave it the power increase. It really was a lot of fun to corner in, felt literally like driving a go cart. A lot of fun...

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    i have seen 3 or 4 around here they seem to move pretty quick the local dealer said that they been having alot of problems with them taking on water

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    last time I saw one,it was spanking an RXP in choppy to ride one

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    I've read alot about the 951 engines injesting water

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarFanatic
    I've read alot about the 951 engines injesting water

    NOT the new DI motors. They are awesome. I had a XPDi and was in love with it.


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    Good thing for SD that their warranty excludes water injestion. If it didn't, the 951 3D would probably be the straw that broke the camels back !!

    DI or not the 951 is a time bomb !!!

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