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    which prop do i need

    with the mods i have listed will a xs intercooler require me to use a different prop than 14/19r?

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    You'll be fine with the 14/19 when you upgrade to the Stage3 Supercharger and install the 42 injectors you might what to go with the 15/20 prop as you will be hitting the rev. limiter, but for now toy will be fine.

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    Hi wel if you go for the xs u will be running the same mods as me preety much. Im running a 15/20r, i get 7900 which i kno is a little low but my ski is a rec ski used by my family as wel so i have to try and keep it reliable rather than go 4 every 1/10 of a mph. I could tweek this in to 8100 but i dnt rele want to go down that route just yet. That said i am in england and the water doesnt rele get much above 60 degrees around here so this will help keep my revs up if you are in a hot climate then you will struggle a bit more, there is alot to getting the right prop for your set up and riding area. I would ask any1 who rides in your area what they are running if they have a modded ski. Hope this helps R88

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