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    Steering Problem

    Looking for some help here with my 05 Sportster....

    I recently noticed that at speeds 20+ when turning hard right the boat would not turn.....I had to turn the wheel very slowly for the boat to respond.

    The problem is on the steering cable where it comes out of the boat. There is a cover over the cable that is designed to keep the cable tight when turning right. This cover attaches right where the cable comes out of the boat and covers about half of the exposed cable. Mine is no longer attached and the water forces it to the end of the cable (where the nut is connecting the cable to the nozzle).

    My question: Has anyone else every had a problem like this? Am I going to have to have the dealer run a new cable or should I be able to screw it back where it belongs? Unfortunately I am 200+ miles from home and don't have the tools required to remove the nozzle/etc....

    Any help/suggestions appreciated

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    that cover is nothing more than a rubber boot for keeping water out of the cable. Corrosion prevention. There is nothing that keeps the cable tight, it pushes and pulls the nozzle at the command of the steering wheel. On my Challenger, both the reverse and steering boots were dry rotted and broken. Easy to replace yourself.

    if you are out on vacation enjoying your boat, I would not worry about it until you return.

    You might want to order the parts online from or similar so they will be at your home when you return.
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