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    Cold air intake questions for the brain trust........

    I have the seats and the seat support out of my '05 RXT and and have been looking at designing a cold air system for it. One of the questions I have is this: There is an oval shaped tube that exits the hull right in front of the front seat,and it just runs down to the bottom of the hull. It is ONE of the air supplies to the hull for the engine already. Do you think there would be enough flow into that pipe to support the engine for a stand alone air supply,or do you think the seat itself would restrict it to much? There appears to be a couple of inches between the seat frame and the actual opening of this tube,but the seat material fits pretty close to the hull in that area. I believe the seat would help keep water out of the tube and the engine if I decide to do this. The other option I have been looking at, is to tie this tube AND the one that gets it's air from the seat support, together and then directly into the supercharger. I know there would be enough flow then,but ,with either option,there isn't enough space for a K&N element so I may just do like BRP does and run without a filter. Any thoughts good or bad, on this idea are appreciated. I really need to devise a TRUE cold air system for this boat. TIA

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    Opinions will vary, but I can only offer what I've determined.

    If you measure the opening under the sides of the seat and calculate the area in square inches, it is much greater than the square inches of the hole just in front of the seat... no problem.

    Running a 3" x 5" oval, necked down to a 3" round tube to the entrance of the PowerFlow intake would then isolate ANY hot, hull air from entering the SC.

    Removing the K&N to do this will undoubtedly draw thead responses.

    Some will say this increases the risk of ingesting foreign objects. I suppose this is true to some degree, however, the stock system doesn't have a filter/screen either... just don't open the seat and through something in the hole while it's running... LOL

    Many will say the biggest threat is water ingestion. To be honest, this concerns me as well. However, the system you describe, and the set-up described above, is exactly the way I have been running my '05 Limited since February. I have watched the bow spray approach the hull after coming off a wake/wave and have never witnessed enough water in that area to alarm me... but it could happen. The Limited's leg fairings do add a bit more protection. Go ride it hard, get some air, and make your own determination... I'm confident my riding stile and locations will never cause me problems

    e-mail if you want any help:


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    Thanks for the reply and the offer of help,Jeff! I have been looking at this all week, trying to come up with a way to do this,that will be both efficient AND easy to switch back to stock,should the "need" ever arise I have another idea about how to do this AND be able to use a filter,but I need to get a K&N catalog and dig my tape measure out! You just may get an e-mail or two from me

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