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    Running two diffrent bore sizes

    My cylinders are already .050 over, an when my pto cylinder blew i took it to the dealer. They said that they might have to bore it up to 1.00, i asked if its ok to run with two diffrent bore sizes, an they said it shoudl be just fine, they do it all the time, but ona car engine it would be diffrent.

    My other question is, if i do go up to 1.00 can i still keep the stock jetting? That i really dont see a need to change considering i have stock f/a.

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    It's not recommended to run 2 diff bore sizes, but guys have with no real issues. BUT, most would agree .25mm would be best. .5 mm starts to get questionable. Do you feel lucky?

    And with a piston 1mm oversize from stock, I'm sure adjustments will be needed. Jetting change, not too sure.

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    I bet somebody here has a used jug. Get a .25 OS piston kit and you're good.

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