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    Thinking about a 1996 SL900


    I am considering getting an SL900, i have read many post's on here about the commom problems with them and they are all things i can handle if need be. My main question is about the stability of the watercraft. I am a big guy, but not huge and i was wondering if this thing is going to tip easily. I have ridden my friends Sea-Doo SPX in the past and that thing is horrible for rolling over. Also, does the SL900 have electric trim? Thanks in advance.

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    the 96 sl 900 are very stable machines and run very good and yes they have trim .

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    Stability will depend on how you ride it, as well as the total rider weight.

    With just a 200lb rider, stability on my friend's '97 SL900 is fairly good, but you do need to manage the slow speed maneuvering sometimes to keep it happy (a little bit of throttle and steering now and again, especially if it is choppy water).

    Add a 130 lb passenger, and it is now tippy. Stable once you are on plane with the load, but needs constant attention at slow speeds.

    Loading a passenger with the engine off is a balancing act, and really depends on the agility of the passenger.

    If you want additional stability and room for two to ride comfortably, look at the three passenger SLT models. These became the Virage in later years.

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