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    2008 rxtx

    Okay the seadoo dealer i have purchased from has a 08 rxtx, they said cash price is 12,915.00 is that a little steep? Also i will be tradeing in my 2005 gtx sc with 40 hours on it w/cover, no scratches or scuffs what should i get for it on a trade in?

    Thanks, Dylan

    I know this has nothing to do with performance... I cant get any info on the other section...

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    Does the price include everything? Trailor, tags, taxes etc?

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    I think that includes taxes... Thats it...

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    If that's out the door everything done price before your trade, it's a good deal. If it's just the ski and nothing else, not so good. Look for a blue book value on the ski, then take off about 500 or so from the "low retail" and that should be close to the trade in.

    I asked a dealer about mine and he told me 7500-8500 is the going trade in value on 05 Limiteds.

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    So about 6500-7000 for gtx sc...

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    I am in Montana and my dealer only recieved two RXTX's. I walked out with ski and cover and taxes at 13K.

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    You might want to check to see if the ski includes a matching cover, matching ski vest and safety equipment. I would guess $6000 on the trade-in, unless it has a year or two extended warranty... Ron

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