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    2000 Seadoo RX Display code

    Got a code "COMB" on the display of a seadoo RX. Ski runs fine sometimes it is iffy on the start up but runs good. Any light of what "COMB' might mean on the display

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    I just checked the Operator's Manual for my '01 RX-DI and didn't see any reference to "COMB" on the display.

    The only thing that was close was "COMPA" which was a warning for a Compass Error.

    Maybe they used a different code for the '00s?

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    Good morning,

    my name is Arturo. I have a GTX 2000 and I have the same problem...

    Did you solve the problem? Do you know what COMB means?

    I will be very gratefull if someone helps me...

    Thank you very much and regard from Barcelona (SPAIN)

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    Check the language setting on the info (comb = combustible = fuel) in spanish. I have got the same warning also. Not remember well if it got to do with the fuel level running low.

    just my two cents.

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