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    New RXP-X Warranty Question??

    Well I bought my new RXP-X and I did my financing through my own bank. When I picked up my ski they asked me if I wanted to buy extended warranty?..So I told the guy I would wait to buy it before it ran out..cause I had 2yr warranty??...So I thought...My dealer tells me that I don't have a 2 year warranty cause that promotion eneded may 31st.??? So I was like I think this guys jerking me around to try to sell me 2 more years for $1800.00...So I did not buy it And when I get home I looked on the seadoo site and accoriding to them the promotion doesn't end till july 10th..what the hell is up with that???...So I read the fine print and it doesnt say which models qualify...but it does say that only the gti and some other model only qualify for the very low finance promotion! But doesn't say anything about which model qualifies for the Extended 2yr Warranty??? Can anyone help me out here so I can go to this dealer and let him know what is on my mind and argue my case?? if you have a link that will prove me wright please send it to me! Thanks!

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    that promotion did end the 31st of may.....the warranty was for any new 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 ski purchased......$1800 for 2 year best is way high.....retail on the 2yr best warranty is around $850

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