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    Which pwc to buy?

    I have sold yesterday my 06Rxp stock and now i need to buy a new pwc.
    Which one?
    I must to decide between:
    -Rxt Stock
    -Kawa Ultra 250
    -Yhamaha SHO
    Which is the best one? Top speed / acceleration / handling (numbers)
    Another question: I'm italian and is it possible to buy in USA? There is the problem in UE and in Italy of the CE certification and the declaration of power. How can i do?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but im going to say the p-x has the best acceleration, and topspeed. I do not know about the handling but a 3 seater should be more stable...


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    I would get the rxp-x. It looks great and is one of the fastest skis out

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    That has the rxt, rxtx, 250x, and yamaha sho side by side... Read it and watch the vids...

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    RXT-X all the way. Call Riva racing 1-877-748-2926, they ship anywhere in the world....

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    I agree...RXT-X. You'll have the room on the seat to take 3 if/when you need too. Only about 18lbs heavier than the P-X. Little better hull for choppy water(Kawasaki is the champ in the chop)....and the speed is virtually the same as the P-X...maybe 1mph difference.

    I chose it because I like the room...I can go out and put my vest on the handlebars and lay back on the seat....that's why they call in a couch.

    If you live in an area were its always choppy...or plan to do some ocean riding...I'd get the Kawasaki 250.....they just blow past me like im standing still in the waves......

    It would be nice to have an Ultra 250 and my T-X on the trailer...that way when its windy and choppy I could have a choice....the T-X beats the crap out of me in waves over 2feet.

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    i own a p-x and depending on your ride conditions but if mostly choppy a t-x win always win. hence dad always kicking my A$$. but that said the handling is 20 times better on a p-x and more fun.

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    I say you look for a clean 06-07 RXP

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    If you ride alot in heavy chop or ocean the U250X is a great boat.

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    firstly tnx to everybody. I have the problem of importing it. What's about some exporter? How about ce certification use in europa and declaration of power? Do you know anything?

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