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    different levels of chop??? which intake?

    I am pretty new at the PWC stuff. I am looking for a intake grate for my 05RXP. I ride on NE Texas lakes.

    what is considered small or light chop(4-10 inchs? medium 12-16inchs?

    I am looking for a intake grate not sure which one. I do get glass water in the coves, but most of the time it is chop around 4-12"s. I don't race , just play around and would like some more mph. I thinking R&D but not sure.

    Here are my mods: 4" custom intake,catch can, steel washers. Soon to the list 15/20R(jerry's suggestion),External IC,thru hull and intake grate.

    what do you suggest? I have already done a search... still not clear

    Thanks for your help

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    From a guy I talked to yesterday who happens to race for a living & is very successful he said without a doubt for 07' & older the best all around would be the worx.

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