After a few weeks of prep work on the boat, I'd say it paid off big time.
I removed the impellers and filed off all of the nicks and burrs, removed the wear rings and used some JB weld to fill in all of the groves, after a little sanding, there was almost zero clearence between the ring and impeller.
Used some silicone to seal the pump when I put it all back together.
If you read " Bulky Exhaust System " , I replaced the Tee fitting with an elbow fitting to completly remove the resonance tube. It sounds awesome, not much louder, but a deeper tone. At the ramp while it was idleing, a few people asked, " what do ya got in that thing? "
Hole shots resulted in no cavitation or hesitation. I never knew that boat could accelerate like it did, and that was with the wife and two kids. Im very satisfied with the results. Of course my wife dosent understand why. Next time out, I'll check the top end with a GPS.
Thanks for all of the info about these boats.