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    Best way to reduce porpoising on GP1300?

    I'm getting bad porpoising on my GP1300. Similar to
    not really sure if there was a definitive answer on that one. I also shifted my weight toward the front.

    My ski:
    Riva Top Intake Grate
    Riva Ride Plate
    Riva Sponsons
    D-Plate & chip
    R&D Powershot

    Would trim tabs greatly reduce porpoising? I thought a decent tank of gas and me would be enough to reduce porpoising, but nope.
    see pic, last race was just difficult to keep the pump filled and me in the water. Trim at neutral in the pic. Is it also rider experience? I've been riding over 15 years, but racing only 1.
    Any suggestions? Trim Tabs?
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    Gimme a call SUCKA!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe try shimming the rear of the rideplate or using the stocker in such rough conditions

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