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    where to begin?????

    recently aquired 2-non-running skis. never had the pleasure of owning jet skis before so i am a lil lost as to where i should begin. this seems to be the place for good info on the web. i have just spent the last three hours reading the seemingly endless posts. Any advise would be greatly appecatied

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    freedom, WELCOME to the the Green Hulk Forums!!
    Any pictures of your rides??
    Get some batteries and fresh fuel, see if they start.
    I'd go through the fuel system but really need to know your year and model.

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    2004 polaris freedom fresh gas new batts done thx for the welcome and quick reply

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    i guess i should inform that these are projects in need of work bought off ebay with the understanding one has no spark the other has no compression.

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    If you're not getting spark you're going to have to use a test light to find out if the thing is getting any juice to begin with. Start with the plug wires use an ohm meter to check resistance and make sure they're still good. Follow it back one part until you find the problem. Hopefully something simple.

    The low compression indicates the need for a top end rebuild most likely. I didn't catch the year so I'm not sure if they're two or four stroke. Hope for your sake they're two as it's much less $$ and a lot easier. You can find top end rebuild kits for either on ebay or your favorite motorsports sitel.

    I wish I got lucky with your problems. It'd be a helluva lot easier for me to handle than my nightmare crankshafts. Welcome to the forums. I'm not nearly as experienced as some of the guys on here but I'll certainly try to help when I can.


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    could i just do the old school test for sprk by tryin to start wiht pulg out and grounded

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmcfreedom View Post
    could i just do the old school test for sprk by tryin to start wiht pulg out and grounded
    You should be able to. Just find a good ground to lay it on first. I assumed that you already knew it had electrical trouble.

    Looking at the CC's and the HP i'm going to guess that it's a 2 stroke but don't quote me on that. I can't find info one way or the other on it. Hope that helps.


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    The Freedoms And Virage With 700 Motors Were Bad About The Cdi's Going South,on The One With No Spark You Could Rob The Cdi Out Of The No Compression On And See What Happens,might Get A Running Ski Out Of It And Then Work Thru The Other One

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    Quote Originally Posted by CynicCE View Post
    ...Looking at the CC's and the HP I'm going to guess that it's a 2 stroke but don't quote me on that.
    I can't find info one way or the other on it...

    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Have you downloaded the Service Manual yet?

    All Polaris PWC are 2-stroke, except for the MSX 110 and MSX 150 models which are turbocharged 4-stroke twins.

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    well after a few long nites i am truly lost. thought i had a fuel issue a friend told me to replace reed valves, still wont start. i get a few pops and that is it. Is a total rebuild of the carb woth it at this point, when i pulled it apart it seems nice and clean in there not all gummed up. help me please.

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