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    Gelcote question

    I would like to get a little help from those who have gelcoted before. I'm repairing a patch with gelcote, and after the gelcote dries, sanding it just puts scratch marks all in the gelcote. Is this supposed to happen, and then i'm supposed to use something else to get the color to match again? I'm confused, so any help is appreciated.

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    Gel Coat repair

    Im not sure what kind of product you have...I'd suggest going to and ordering a matching color. I made repairs for both black and yellow on my skis and the reairs are invisible.

    Here's the directions:

    Spectrum Color Gel Coat Patch Paste Repair

    SPECTRUM GEL COAT Patch paste is an easy to use repair system. Patch Paste allows even the inexperienced to make professional looking cosmetic repairs to damaged gel coat in the form of dock dings, scratches, trailer, gouges, nicks, screw holes, canvas button holes, blisters, and many other episodes.

    Spectrum gel coat Patch paste is a factory color matched gel coat that is converted into a paste form that spreads like Vaseline, sets in approximately 30-40 minutes, and will stay in place on vertical and overhead surfaces.


    · Clean area thoroughly to remove oils and waxes. This should be done before sanding, using acetone diluted with 10% water. Use paper towels, changing often, to prevent contamination. CAUTION : acetone is highly flammable, use carefully. Dispose of paper towels properly.
    · Rough and/or sand area to be repaired using course sandpaper, sharp instrument or small grinding tool such as a drill. The object is to get enough “tooth” to repair area to assure a good bond. Use a tag rag to remove dust, take care not to damage surrounding areas. Masking tape around the repair area will minimize this possibility.
    · Place a small portion of patch paste in waxed paper cup and add M.E.K.P catalyst at approximately 12-15 drops per ounce of patch paste (2% by volume). Take care to mix thoroughly to assure an even surface and to minimize air entrapment.
    · Using a Plastic putty knife or spreader, apply catalyzed mixture to gouge or scratch. Leave area slightly raised
    · Let the repair cure thoroughly, normally 2-4 hours, or preferably overnight.
    · Start sanding cured repair with 200x wet paper. Sand lightly, working your way down to a finer grit 400x to 600x wet paper. As you sand with finer and finer paper you will notice the shine starting to brighten.
    · Buff and polish repair to achieve original shine

    · Work at room temperature (75 degrees F)
    · Heat repair area with a lamp or hair dryer. CAUTION : Be careful using electrical appliances around flammable materials. Elevating the temperature of a repair area will accelerate cure time.

    NOTE : Patch paste matches the original O.E.M factory color. Slight color difference may be noticed due to gel coat degradation from ultraviolet rays and environmental exposure. Follow directions carefully.

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    sdrider nailed, looks scary but it's really easy, especially with the paste (premixed patch kits)

    1-sand affected area with 300 (think I used 360)
    This allows new gel to stick/adhere to the scratch/chip

    2- clean as prescribed to ensure proper adhesion

    3- apply using bondo/body spatula available wal-mart/fleet.

    4- KEY Apply about 1/16-1/8 higher. because none of us are body men, this will allow for sanding/massaging to original contours.

    5- Using a rubber sanding block or hands or both, take 300ish and start sanding/grinding down to original shape of body. Once you get close, start using the smaller grit paper, 500- 600, I went up to 1000 or 1200 cuz I am anal that way, plus when you polish it looks as good or better than factory.

    BEST PART? You screw it up? Just start the process, no harm done. I did some huge areas on a MC ski boat. Started with chips/scrapes on the bottom and worked my way to huge spider cracks on the deck. Learned tons, sorta cool that I did it myself...

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the help.

    I'm using OEM gelcote that i got from the dealership. I believe its the same stuff from

    Basically what i'm wanting to know though is does buffing and polishing get all the marks out from sanding, since when I sand it, or any other part of the hull, it becomes a more dull color like I had stripped the paint off.

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    Is there any type of gelcote you can pick up at a local store to fix a scratch? I have two 96 xp's with scratches down to fiberglass on the bottom of the hull and just want to patch it... I could care less about color on the bottom.

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    I have done gelcoat repair for a long time for a living,trust me when i say this.

    fill it with a gelcoat filler (blank,universal) then mix a color paste to match your color max 15% you can do this all day long till you get the color right..
    when it is to your liking apply the hardener MEK=methylethylketon max 3%.
    you can even apply some parifine to stop the gelcoat being sticky when starting sanding,or whipe off with acetone
    tape the hole/scratch of with painters tape and fill the hole with the gelcoat level it with the painters tape so you have some extra surface hight.
    now start sanding with 400 wet,then 800,most important then use 1500 or 2000 wet.. to get a factory gloss you need to sand above 1200 use lots of water.
    in dark colors i even use 3M trizact those are pads of around 3000.

    now polish with a marine buff cleaner and on dark colors with a extra fine cleaner after that.
    when you use a machine start low rpm for polish an buff out at hi rpm's

    this should make for a BETTER then Factory look

    hope this helps
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