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    Hull repair questions

    Okay...everybody's got a ding or two, scuff...something that has knocked the shine off the hull ect.

    While my rxt's were tied to a floater last week...unattended...they both suffered some damage to their hulls. One took a good one which punched a thumb nail sized hole through the glass, the other took one about ohh...the size of a nail head.

    Here's my well do these babies take repairs, what's all involved and what should I expect to pay?

    Thanks in advance.

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    you up to the task yourself? you can do the repair urself and reinforce the hole, fill it, sand it, and get the approprate gelcote to match it and sand and buff to a shine. it should be damn near undetectable when finished.

    the gelcote to match you can get from (official supplier of OEM gelcote)

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I figure I could handle the job but I don't think the mrs. would trust my skill.

    I checked the link you posted. Where could I find instructions in the use of those patch kits?

    In them?

    By the way, I've got some kind of clear nail polish doing a temp patch job on them now.
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    give the guys there at a phone call. they are extremely helpful and pleasure to talk with on the phone... honest at that too, lol.

    i ordered 3 quarts from them and paid for it... they went out of their way to credit my payment and send me a gallon ratehr than 3 quarts bc 1 gallon is cheaper than 3 quarts by a large amount. they coulda just let it be and made the extra money. i was impressed by that gesture alone.

    so give em a call, see what they recommend

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    Thanks man.

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