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    94 Raider 701 62T Carb Problem

    I have a 94 Raider 701 with twin carbs. Ever since I got the machine last year the engine was stalling if you idle it for about 20-30 seconds. I ignored the problem last year since I rarely idled it anyways, but decided to do the adjustments this year. When I removed the top end of the carb assembly I noticed that the throttle stop screw on carb 1(rear) is just missing. Is this normal for this model?(It doesn't make sense) I was also experiencing some hesitation from idle to full throttle so I thought that I would also adjust the low speed to factory specs and go from there. However my low speed screws have limiters on them which allow them to move only within a certain range of slighlty less than 1/2 turn. Therefore the 5/8 turn adjustment listed in the manual is just not possible on these carbs. Does anyone know what are the factory settings for these? Also I would appreciate it if you have any suggestions on the hesitation problem. My guess was that there was a lean. The spark plugs insulators look good but the side electrodes are really oily instead of slightly white. Thanks for your help in advance!

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    I throttle stop screw is normal since they are on a common linkage! you can cut the tip of the stop off of the cap to use the full range of adjustments . And if you haven't tore those carbs apart latley for inspection your probably past due
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    I played with it for a while and got the hestitation to almost disappear. It happens about one out of twenty times now as opposed to every second time before. However idling is still crap and I could not get it to idle right unless I raised the RPMs to 1400. I don't think that these carbs have ever been aparat. Considering that I have never taken a carb apart in my life, how hard would you say it would be for me to rebuild them? Thanks again for the input.

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    on a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 3 . easy stuff

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    Thanks for the info. I got the rebuild kit and I'll get on them some time next week. Hopefully all goes well.

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    Did you get the carbs rebuilt? If so, how is it working now?

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