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    seadoo or yamaha

    Hee guys,

    i,m thinking about selling and getting a yamaha gp1200...
    is this a good ski to ride,trustworthy like a seadoo

    wat do you think of the 3 cilinders 155hp is this model good next ride

    i like the jumping and the flat water rides

    I now own the 97xp 785 with umi steer,wcm jets,k&n filters and outers.worx intake and sponsons,hydro turf seat,R&d nozzles,
    special decals by my design

    let me know.....

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    Get the GPR. You won't be disappointed. I had a '97XP two years ago as my learner ski (I was 18 ) I got nice and comfortable with it for a season and a half, but eventually got tired of it for many reasons: it wasn't fast enough for me, it felt unstable riding 2-up, and not a lot of potential for modding.

    Sold it for a 1200 dollar profit and put all of that money towards a 2002 GPR. Search around here and you'll find a WEALTH of information about its reliability, modding potential, and even motor swaps if you're so inclined. There's more than enough information to keep someone new to GPRs involved in just reading and researching for weeks and weeks before a new post is needed.

    I'm very happy with my GPR, and have bought a few go-fast goodies this summer to satisfy my college kid need for speed... and it's quite an improvement of the XP! I feel much better riding 2-up with my girlfriend, it's plenty fast in stock form, it handles well, it takes lake chop like a champ, and it looks a lot more aggressive than a bright yellow XP.

    1200Rs are fairly cheap nowadays, and 1300Rs are starting to come down on price.

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    those gpr's dont come with reverse right??

    does anybody know some speeds of 1200-1300 stock

    whats better on the 1300...100cc's or mayby injection.

    really leaning towords yamaha

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    GP1200R 155hp=63-64
    GP1300R 165hp-170hp=65-66

    The 1300's have fuel injection, 05-08 1300's have the High Output pump and no powervalves and are 5hp more then the 03-04 1300's

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    I came from the exact same ski. 1997 XP was great, just not enough speed. RXP was too big for my taste and rode like a tricycle. I bought a gp1300r. Currently it has a 1390 bb motor in it and I haven't looked back.

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    think its going to be the 1300,looking out for a nice model.....

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