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    Thru hull bearing grease

    Just wondering if the grease in the thru hull bearing helps to seal the water out??

    If you dont have enough grease in it can it cause water to enter the much do you put in it?

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    The through-hull bearing is supposed to be kept full of waterproof marine grease. Some riders add a squeeze after each ride.

    Definitely pump enough in that you can see it working its way past the seals, then wipe off the excess that oozes out.

    If you are still getting water through after greasing it, then it is time for new seals. If your coupler looks like the upper one in the picture, then the seals can be replaced.

    We were just discussing through hull bearings here.

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    It might help keep water out to some extent, but I would assume it would not be a reliable bandaid to a through hull fitting with bad seals in it. I would keep pumping the grease gun until you see a small bead of grease squirt out from the fitting, which will indicate that the inside is all full and had to force grease under the seal and under the fitting.

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    Sounds like it has failed due to lack of being greased. I had one that was never greased and had a leak. I had to replace the seals and a new driveshaft becuase someone let it go for too long. It may help yours but if it is leaking, it will not be too much longer and you will need to replace them.

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