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    Hey Guys, I have kinda been lurking here for a few days just reading up. bought my first boat monday. 08 150 speedster 215hp. lots of valuable info here. I plan on hanging around this forum for a while. I know the mod bug will come quickly for me so thanks a ton for the help already given and thanks in advance for mod advice

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    Welcome! Learn from our mistakes; if only I knew what I know now when I started modding....

    What's your local?

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    vx1 whats your speed upto and what the best bang for the buck that youve tested and proven so far?

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    The first thing I would do is pull the SC and make sure there;s metal washers in there insted of ceramics. I herd some boats came threw with ceramics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom1234
    vx1 whats your speed upto and what the best bang for the buck that youve tested and proven so far?
    I think a good 4" air intake is always going to be the best bang for the buck. The XS intercooler setup, at around $300 - $400, would be next, although in the summer months when the water gets to 90F+ degrees, it really loses a good portion of its effectiveness. A Solas prop would be next, and a drop-in SC wheel after that, but having gone from the Green wheel, to the S3 SC, and the Rude, I'll tell you that it's hard to just stay satisfied with a just drop-in wheel. I really only paid about $600 for my stereo system, and it sounds amazing, so that's a good bang for the buck too.

    I'm running 60.5mph in the heat. I've got my boat torn apart right now, because I'm redo-ing about everything. The SC needs shimmed, building a thru-hull exhaust, reconfiguring the IC to make it more effective, tapping a dedicated port for the RRFPR in the IC blockoff, installing a second battery system, repairing a broken pump shoe, installing a new prop and adjustable venturi... whew, hope to have some better results then. I bought an X-model R&D exhaust extender that comes with an O2 bung, and I'm waiting for the new LM-2 AFR meters to come out, so I'll be able to check my air/fuel ratio soon.

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    hey VX not to far from you I am in Jacksonville Florida. I plan to do most of my boating between Nassau sound and fort george. more than likely some in Doctors lake. Thanks for the best bang for the buck stuff I had been planning on asking that to.

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