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    new member (uk)

    I've been looking at the site for 12 months and would like to thank all you gentlemen for all the very helpfull tips & advice you've posted.

    Ive been skiing for about 10yrs and most of my skiing is offshore and i've coverd over 15,000 miles.
    Up till last year i have always had yamaha's but in 2007 i bought , a ultra 250x. Very pleased with the ski but i decided to improve it.I have recently added an r&d rideplate,intake grate,and air fillter kit, pump cone,pump shoe seal kit, sponsons,1% wedge,fuel pick up and riva water box and exhaust + cleaned and sealed everywhere with fresh silicone.
    Very pleased with the results, i feel the ski handles better in the sea & feels a lot more responsive. it also handles the chop better with the added bonus of being economical when cruising.
    Unfortunatley i dont have a gps but my rpm was hitting 7930 useing 99 octain pump fuel which is available in the uk. Adding the kit the ski feels a lot faster but my rpm's have only risen to about 7980.
    I have also recently tested the seadoo rxpx,rxtx and yamaha sho and i am more than happy with the ultra especially in the chop.

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