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    Bilge siphon issue??Help...

    Hello again,

    This is my issue now.
    I fill the inside hull with water above the drive shaft. No water leaks out, which is good!

    I attach a garden hose to the cooling rail so I can start it on the trailer. Once I start it, it does not siphon the water from the hull. I monitor the water level and it does not get lower.

    No clogs in the shiphon hoses??

    Why isn't the the siphon system working?? Water did shoot out of the back of the ski though. I know ther are two knozzles on the outside that come from the siphon tubes, but I can't really tell if they have water shooting from them in particular.

    I rev the throttle up in down, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    What is going on?? I have a secondary bilge (rule 500) it wasn't working either. Fuse blown, not a problem!

    Shouldn't the other system at least remove what was in the hull though?

    Thanks in advance once again.

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    The pump siphons will only work while in the water.

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    The one or 2 small pipes that stick into the nozzle work off siphioning,as the jet force of water passes by them it creates a low pressure to them and then they suck.

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    Thanks again.

    Thanks to the both of you. Much appreciated!


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