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    Need pump for '95 SLT 750

    I need a complete pump free turning and ready to bolt up for a 1995 SLT 750. I do have a good reverse gate and impellar so I could go with a good pump less these parts. Mine needs a new housing and several outlet vanes are damaged.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    You do know you can interchange the parts you need from ANY Polaris ski, except the 92-93 pumps and the OCTANE, right?

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    i have a few main "stator sections" here, these are freshwater, and complete with shaft, bearings, seals, ect. you can see pictures, and prices at my photo link below. look in the polaris driveline section. send me an email if i can help.

    thank you.

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    I have one of my 97 pro that I am parting out

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    i have a good used one also pm me

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    Sold thank you once again!!!


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