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    93 seadoo xp problems

    I repaired my 93 xp this winter, did a lot of work to it.
    I took it out a couple of weeks ago and missed one of the water lines (out from the engine) this caused the hull to fill with water.

    I also conveniently forgot the seal for the flywheel and magneto. When the water got to his level the machine stopped working, and I couldn't get it restarted.

    It has since been set on fire accidently. I replaced all the visual fire dammage (gas lines, oil lines, water hoses, vts cable, choke cable). The fire was about 30 seconds but did a lot more dammage than I thought.

    My problem is that it won't start now with all the lines in the proper place (checked that) it has spark, and fires once in a while when I am turning it over. The compression is good (140, 135).
    Any ideas??

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    did you dry out the magneto? or just let it air dry? if it just air dried and there are any steel parts in ther they are probably rusted up and causing a miss/no fire. a spart every now and then doesnt cut it if the engine is turning over fairly quick there should almost be a steady strong blue spark. could have shorted out the mag also.

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    I let it air dry, so there could be rust.
    If I shorted out the mag shouldn't I get no spark at all?

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    another this is did you get all of the air out of the new lines you installed?I know I had a similar problem when i didn't get all the air out with it not starting up right away....

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    Before you tried to start it when you swamped the engine case, did you remove the spark plugs and make sure there was no water in the cylinders? If not and you tried to start right away there's a chance you have thrown your crank out of phase. This would make the timing marks on one or both cylinders be out enough to not get it running. If you're sure that is not the problem, check to see about water in the fuel separator and in the bottom of the fuel tank. Make sure you get that flywheel thoroughly dry, mine had seen water in the past before I owned it, and I think it froze splitting the stainless steel sleeve that protects the magnets. When they crack and freeze, they warp the flywheel and it rubs against the stator eventually burning out your stator.

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    I figured out why it wouldn't start. I removed it from the hull and took off the intake, and saw the timing plate wasn't turning with the crank.
    Split the cases and found the brass gear was in pieces all over the place. also the gear on the crank was moved, and all the crank bearings are making bad noises like they have sand (or brass) in them. (good thing the crank has only about 10 Minutes on it.)

    My new question is do the crank bearings need to be replaced, or is there some way to get the brass out of them?

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    Hmmm...if there's metallic debris in the bearings the chances of getting it all out could be slim. I wouldn't chance it if I were you. If the bearings cost 50 bucks a piece it's still cheaper than an entire engine rebuild.

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