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    03 1300R Fuel Injection Mystery

    Friend buys this thing on ebay, has it shipped from FL to OH, never ridden a jet ski in his life. I discovered its 20 mph slower than it should be, no acceleration, and white powdercoat paint in the entire pump assembly. That's another issue but I didn't think it would explain a 20 mph loss in performance.

    Discovered the oil line NOT hooked up to the oil pump, and no oil lines going to the fuel injection, so I convinced him to go premix as I was tearing apart his ski. Discovered #3 cylinder severly scraped up and the head very pitted, but coal black. #2 black but not pitted and #1 was clean and silver looking. I suspect the #3 went bad and the asshole that sold this jetski slapped it back together. The head bolts wern't torqued to spec they were tightened down to maximum capacity w/o loctite on the bolts.

    I want to make sure the fuel injection is putting gas and oil in the engine before we put it back together, and is there a way to do this?

    As for aftermarket stuff, I discovered it had a D Plate and a Riva Free flow exhaust in the back.

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    If you disable / remove the oil system, just make sure you pre-mix the gas..

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    yeah, it wasn't hard to sell him on going premix and I had a block off plate and oil fittings plugged before I left last night.

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