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    Deciding if the 155hp speedster is enough.

    I would love to get the 215hp model but with limited funds and gas prices that keep rising I need to stick to the 155hp speedster. I had a few questions.
    Is it really that bad to have four people in the boat or does it still drive and handle fine? If i wanted to pull two skiers at once could it get them up? Im not necessarily going to but trying to get an idea of how much power it has. If four people are in the boat with the max weight limit will it still reach 40mph or higher?
    I do not need to run 55+mph on the water but I do need it to have enough power and get up and go for a skier or wakeboarder. Yes I realize it puts out a bad wake but it's still fun to do surface tricks.


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    All I can say is if it's gonna be YOU and Two Passengers most of the time or less then I say go for the 155 HP

    If it's gonna be YOU and Three Passengers most of the time then you might want to get the super charged model

    when having 4 people in the boat it doesn't get out of the hole fast enough

    It handles well with 4 people though

    Most of the time for me it's just me and the wife so the 155 HP was the perfect boat for us. And we love it

    So far our top speed was 47 MPH on my Garmin GPS with cooler water temps

    It's been a great boat and it's good on gas for a 15'.4" boat

    Hope this helps

    HOLD "N" ON

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    I've never heard anyone say "Gee, I wish I had purchased the less powerful model..."

    155 is probably just fine, but there will be regrets from time to time.

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    O'course there can be regrets on the other side of the coin... "Gee, I can't believe I dropped $2K to gain 1mph...". The 155hp is sooooo much cheaper to live with.

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    Do those of you with prop and SCIC upgrades notice a dramatic increase in fuel consumption? (well you may use the power more so it might use more) but say cruising vs. crusing do mod's use a lot more gas?

    Quote Originally Posted by VX1 View Post
    O'course there can be regrets on the other side of the coin... "Gee, I can't believe I dropped $2K to gain 1mph...". The 155hp is sooooo much cheaper to live with.

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    I wouldn't say a dramatic difference. I've modded consistently through so many stages the past year and a half, it's hard to remember what my fuel consumption used to be like. A stock 4-tec SCIC will use almost 18 gallons an hour at WOT. A modified stage 2.5 (with 42# injectors or RRFPR) will use up around 20 - 21 gallons an hour. You may notice the difference if you spend an entire hour at full throttle, but more typically being at idle or cruise half the time, the difference is much less noticable. Just a prop upgrade won't have any discernable difference (unless the prop is severly mismatched for your boat).

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    I dont really notice any extra fuel consumption. But then again my only real mod in that respect is a green wheel.

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    I used to have GTX SC PWC and when I switched to the boats, I purposely bought the 155HP model instead of the SC and have had NO regrets. The main reasons was due to the extra gas the SC uses and that it takes super unleaded. Then you've got the whole clutch defect issue. The 215HP model isn't going to help you ski or wakeboard. Both the boat and the ski I had cavitated some when pulling up a skier. I'd say it was actually worse pulling a skier with the 215HP model because after the drag of getting up, it'd take off like crazy.

    About the only thing I miss is the holeshot taking off and those short high speed runs - and they are not worth the extra $$ for a SC model, the extra gas, or dealing with the clutch DEFECT, in my opinion.

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