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Thread: RXT-X Results

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    RXT-X Results

    Have been reading all the posts on the X boat mods and thought my boats were fairly normal until this weekend.
    Stock they ran just over 67 MPH, with about 6 to 10 hrs. We then started cutting grates and now ran 70.3 GPS @ 8040 RPM. I now tried a 15/22 Riva/Solas and ran 70.1 @ 7940. I then disconnected the stock air box and installed a R&D filter from last years boat and repeated the 70.1@ 7940. Air temp was 65, water 63 2200 asl elevation.
    I'm puzzled, as a stocker my boat is not a bad runner, the mods are taking me backwards, also I am still using the stock exit nozzle.

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    I have seen this happen with other models too.
    Seadoo puts a lot of R&D into their machines from the factory and they make a fast product. The X skis were designed for monster acceleration. As for mods, define your goal first, people on this forum will tell you how to get there.
    Maybe contact Jawz about his prop magic.

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    I have one of JAWS props, I could only turn it 7700 RPM. This boat does not respond to props like others on the forum have experienced.

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    The reduction nozzle will help you with that setup.

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