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    95 SLT Ignition question

    The manual says the resistance measured from the boot spark plug to ground should be 1600-1800 ohms and 800 ohms from end of spark plug wire to ground. Mine measures 8.4 ohms and 3. ohms respectively

    What's going on??

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    What scale is your multi-meter showing when you are making these ohm measurements?

    K ohms?

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    I believe it is reading in ohms not K ohms

    Will not be able to verify until this weekend

    Either way it's way off 8000 ohms or 8 ohm and should be 1600

    I have a digital meter when I use it to test resistance it is always to ground so I am only looking to see how close to 0 it is

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    Which test are you doing? Coil impedence?

    Plug boots alone should be 5k ohm.

    I guess I'm not understanding your explaination.

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    Lets start over my origional numbers were incorrect

    Problem: Machine is running erratic. Holding full throttle the rpm varies from full to half and back to full. Idle is ok. When starting cold and giving it full throttle the engine will stop abruptly in about 30-60 seconds. Will restart after waiting a minute or two

    I assume it is either ignition or fuel

    So looking at ignition first:
    When I remove the plugs and lay the connected plugs on each spark plug hole (Ground) and crank the engine, the spark is very weak. Changing plugs I find some have no spark. They are all used plugs but gapped OK When I select the best 3 and install it starts good but runs erratic.

    The manual page 7.33 It says the continuity from inside the spark plug cap to ground should be 6000 - 7000 ohms. I measured 8.0 ( maybe the meter was in K ohms ) and the continuity with cap removed should be 1200 - 1600 ohms. I measured 3.4, (again maybe it is K ) so I will rechech this weekend

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    When you hold the throttle on full, the ski accellerates to max speed and rpm. Then after about 15-30 seconds it cuts back to half rpm's even though you hold the throttle in. If you let the throttle off and back on the fast/slow cycle will continue to repeat repeat. I removed 2 of the spark plug boots and cut back the hitension lead to expose the center wire. Holding it near a ground the spark is very weak on both wires. Spark barely arcs even a small gap.

    Resistance from boot to ground is 8.3K ohms on all 3 and 3.4K ohms from end of wire to ground

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